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  • Children of the pandemic

    Children of the pandemic

    (I was going to title this post “Children of the Coronavirus,”but that seemed a little too…well, corny.) Most people I know have “moved on” from the Covid-19 pandemic, and who can blame them? Quarantine was one of the yuckiest times in recent memory, to say nothing of the many who lost their lives to the…

  • The trouble with what you already know

    The trouble with what you already know

    One of the continual challenges of teaching — and in fact, I’d argue the single most important thing for teachers to master — is the ability to remember what it was like to not yet understand the material you’re presenting. Believe it or not, there was a time when you yourself did not yet understand…

  • The taboo of thinking too hard

    The taboo of thinking too hard

    If there’s one thing that drives me nuts about this culture, it’s that choosing to actually use one’s mind is often ridiculed. Don’t believe me? Try casually mentioning in conversation that you’ve been learning, just for fun, ancient Greek or economics. Or try taking a book on differential equations to the beach. Every face will…